Tuesday, 11 May 2010

benevolent stag.

another dead animal.

Kuma Kuma

My favourite page from a French children's book I bought. He's napping, he's tired.

reportage schmeportage

Quelques gens.

Editorial "In Paris, the customer is not always right." Image 1.

"At my doctor's, the two dour receptionists are quite delightful when we meet on the street, sharing jokes and asking kindly after my broken leg."

Editorial image 2.

"Back behind their desk, however, they brood and scowl. There is not even a gesture of recognition, let alone a friendly smile."

white rabbit white rabbit

Perky as they look, these rabbits are Long Dead. Drawn in Paris in Deyrolle's taxidermy shop. Such sweet little corpses.

Monday, 10 May 2010


aaaaargh he'll snap you up. he has a handy adjustable jaw, for all sizes of prey.