Monday, 8 August 2011

we no speak mexicano

This is old news, but it isn't on my website. So here it is, a map of Mexico detailing the regional food variations. Turns out the food doesn't really vary that much. But never mind that!

makin' whoopee

Lol. I've also been makin' these, as well as all the whoopee.

dead island

well I have been interning my small socks off at Lightsource Music, and having a Lovely Time.  This is some artwork for the theme from Dead Island, which is a horrific zombie game that I had to watch the preview for for inspiraysh. I was devastated by the imagery, and do not understand why anyone would 'play' such a 'game'. It was quite fun to make imagery for though, using blood spatter Photoshop brushes which I have never had need for before.